Tanzania Hopper

Tanzania Hopper

SKU: 309710

Standard full size 1.5 lb. hopper for the K30 Twin model grinder. Hopper slider not included. (This would be an optional smaller hopper that would fit K30ES/ K30 Vario/ K30 Air/ EK43 and EKK43 model grinders. Note that the EK43/ EKK43 grinders use an adapter to accommodate these hoppers. Older model EK43 grinders might need the adapter to use this hopper. 

Note: This hopper is the same as the Tanzania with one exception. It does not have the notch in the thread for the Tanzania spring loaded locking pin. If you hate the locking pin feature, this hopper will fit but not lock in so no need for the tiny flat head screw driver to push down the pin to remove your hopper on the Tanzania. 

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