Mahlkonig EK43 Brass shear plate BS

EK43/ EKK43 Shear Plate Brass BS for older versions.

SKU: 700006BS

The shear plate locks the rotating burr carrier (prebreaker) to the motor shaft. This can break due to extensive stress from repeated on/off cycles or if a foreign object enters the grinding process. This new version is now made from Brass and will break much less often than the older aluminum versions. There was also a period of time where the EK43 series came with a stainless steel shear plate that might not break when a foreign object like a rock or a nail gets into the grind chamber. If you find that you have one of the stainless steel shear plates in your EK43 series grinder, you might want to consider replacing it with our Brass version to protect your motor from possible damage. Coffee Fixxe is the sole manufacturer and supplier for these superior Brass Shear Plates made in Scotts Valley, California. 

  • Specifications

    This specific version BS stamped on the shear plate will fit all EK and EKK grinders that have a steel pre-breaker. The steel pre-breaker was used in first gen EK43s that have the green and red on/off buttons. If your pre-breaker is black in color, you need the BA version stamped on the shear plate which is SKU: 70000BA

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