Mahlkonig Grinder Repair and Restorations

Coffee Fixxe was the authorized repair center for Mahlkonig USA, Inc. from 2010 through 2019. We are now operating as an independent entity repairing all Mahlkonig grinders and offering restoration services for older legacy grinders as well as Costco VTA6S variants. We are also authorized to do Warranty Repair work for Mahlkonig USA, Inc.

Joe Toschak has been the Lead Technician for Coffee Fixxe since 2012. In addition to his extensive knowledge of all Mahlkonig grinders, he is also a master machinist who can diagnose machining defects and distortions that might be contributing to problems. He is by far the most knowledgeable technician out there for the VTA6S series grinders. He is the only one who can replace worn bearings and bushings for this motor (which are not available from the factory). We manufacture our own lower bronze bushing for the older VTA6S grinders. We source the motor bearings from bearing suppliers. WE ARE ALSO THE MANUFACTURER OF THE BRASS SHEAR PLATES FOR THE EK43 GRINDER. 

Our Restoration capabilities offer mechanical, electrical and body restoration. We need to have the grinder in our shop to evaluate and offer a quote for your needs.

Our labor rate is $95/hr. Please note that heavier grinders like the VTA6S should be shipped on a pallet via Truck Freight. 

Coffee Fixxe

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